What is the Identity Project?

A source for safe, trusted guidance for you and your family to process questions of identity, gender, sexuality, and relationships. Numerous vetted subject matter experts and organizations are collaborating to assemble this unique library of resources, setting it apart from the wide breadth of materials available.

It's Time

If you’re overwhelmed with the barrage of noise around sexuality, gender, and identity, join the movement to become equipped.

Grow in confidence, knowing that God made you as you are. Humans are made in His image. We are not of our own making.

His identity for you is far superior to one that can be redesigned and retrofitted.

“Our identity—who we truly are—is God-given, not man-made. God grants people the honor of living out and cultivating their identity, but not license ultimately to design and create it.”

–Samuel D. Ferguson,
Does God Care About Gender Identity?

The time is now.

Equip yourself for the road ahead.

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