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Erin Everitt, PhD

Co-Founder, Advocates Protecting Children

Erin Everitt, PhD is co-founder of Advocates Protecting Children. She is a former “trans kid” who was helped back to reality by good cognitive therapy and is now dedicated to fighting the “gender” ideology industry. Erin earned a PhD in Instructional Technology and Learning Science. Erin is a mom and lives with her husband in Utah.

Erin Everitt's Recommended Resources

Always Erin

When Erin was a very little girl, two men hurt her. She thought that she got hurt because she was a girl, and if she became a boy, she would never be hurt like that again. But with the help of some wise and supportive adults, Erin learned that hurts can happen to anyone. She learned how to love herself as a girl again, and to know that no matter what, she was Always Erin.

Advocates Protecting Children

Advocates Protecting Children (APC) is an organization led by moms and teachers that is dedicated to fighting the gender industry, and especially its predation on children in the form of unethical social and medical transition for the sake of political and financial profit. APC serves and supports churches, schools, organizations, families, and individuals who seek facts and guidance on responding to gender ideology and activism.

She Escaped the Transgender Agenda: A Conversation with Erin Brewer, a Former Trans Kid - The SoCon Report Podcast

In this interview, Erin shares more about how she came to love her God-given identity, and her encouragement for struggling children and their loved ones.

Commonsense Care: Parenting Gender-Confused Kids with Truth & Love - Advocates Protecting Children (Podcast)

This podcast is designed to show parents of gender dysphoric kids another way that steers clear of chemical and surgical interventions.

Parenting in a Transgender World

This book is written to help you arm your family with skills to successfully ward off recruitment into transgender ideology, to prevent the heartbreak of seeing children reject family and friends as well the very essence of who they are.

God Created Them Male & Female: Children's Ministry Curriculum

Advocates Protecting Children has created this K-5 curriculum for use by children’s ministry programs within faith-based organizations. The curriculum focuses on teaching three things: (1) God created people only as males and females. (2) Some people don’t understand this, and may say that your parents, the church, and the Bible are wrong. (3) God made you exactly the way you are.