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Jared Hayden, MA

Founder & Editor, Perishable Goods

Jared Hayden is a Breakpoint contributor at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He has focused his work on social policy and cultural analysis with a special interest in the intersection of technology, "gender", and embodiment. Jared’s writing has appeared in National Review, The Federalist, and The American Conservative, and he regularly blogs at Perishable Goods. He earned an MA in Religion from Westminster Theological Seminary where he studied reformed theology, ethics, and the theology of the body.

Jared Hayden's Recommended Resources

Perishable Goods: Blog

An online blog founded by Jared devoted to exploring a biblical theology of the body and how that helps us better engage in some of today’s most pressing issues.

Perishable Goods: Podcast, Season 1

This is a six-episode podcast season that introduces and unpacks the five aspects of a biblical theology of the body.

“A Vital Sign”

In this article, Jared discusses how our bodies, like the rest of creation, are signposts that point to God.

“Tech and Trans Confusion”

In this article, Jared unpacks how, since 2000, the internet, smartphones, and social media have been fueling perennial strains of body dysmorphia.

Colson Center’s Breakpoint: Jared’s Contributor page

Check out Jared’s contributor page to read his latest Breakpoint articles, which regularly discuss theology of the body.