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Joi Wasill

Founder & President, Decisions, Choices & Options

Joi Wasill is Founder and President of Decisions Choices & Options. As a public and private high school teacher with 33 years’ experience, Joi understands the challenges faced by youth, as well as best practices for curriculum implementation and evaluation. She is certified as a Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist by Ascend. The ministry of Decisions, Choices & Options has provided educational programs since 2002 and served over 240,000 youth ages 11-19.  Joi earned a Bachelor of Public Administration degree from the University of Mississippi and teacher certification from Middle Tennessee State University. She and her husband have a son and live in Alabama.

Joi Wasill's Recommended Resources

Decisions Choices and Options

Led by Director and President Joi Wasill, Decisions Choices and Options (DCO) is a nonprofit on a mission to empower all youth with Sexual Risk Avoidance education by providing medically accurate programs that guide them to optimal health in every area of their lives. Check out the website for more information and resources!

Parents’ Tool Kit - Decisions Choices and Options

DCO offers a variety of resources for parents when it comes to sexual risk avoidance education. The Parents’ Tool Kit covers topics like the success sequence, the goal of sexual risk avoidance education, how to talk to kids about sex, and more.

Raising Resilient Kids: Help Them Embrace Life with Confidence

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