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Kristen Miele, MS

Founder & Owner, Sex ED Reclaimed

Kristen Miele is Founder and Owner of Sex Ed Reclaimed, an educational equipping website ( She educates youth and parents on the topic of sex, sexuality, and gender in the United States and formerly in Honduras. Kristen earned a MS in Community Health from the University of Illinois and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. She and her husband live with their daughter in Ohio.

Kristen Miele's Recommended Resources

Sex Ed Reclaimed

Founded by Kristen Miele, Sex Ed Reclaimed seeks to empower and encourage families to have consistent, honest conversations while accessing God-honoring sexual health education. Check out the website for resources and curriculum.

“What Research Tells Us” - Sex Ed Reclaimed

This page discusses why parents need to be proactive and start age-appropriate conversations about sexuality and relationships sooner rather than later.

“Sex Ed Reclaimed with Kristen Miele - How to take back this topic with your family” - Unrelenting Pursuit Podcast

In this podcast episode, Kristen shares how families can take the lead on having necessary, even if uncomfortable, conversations about God’s design for sex.