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Matthew Sleeth, MD

Founder, Blessed Earth

Matthew Sleeth, M.D. is Founder of Blessed Earth. He is a former emergency room physician who resigned from his position as chief of the medical staff and Emergency Room director to teach, preach and write about faith and the environment. He is the author of several books including Hope Always: How to Be a Force for Life in a Culture of Suicide. Dr. Sleeth is a graduate of George Washington School of Medicine. He and his wife have grown children and live in Kentucky.

Matthew Sleeth's Recommended Resources

Matthew Sleeth Webpage

Visit Dr. Sleeth’s webpage for his latest work and resources.

Unraveling Suicide and Mental Illness | Dr. Matthew Sleeth - Upstream Podcast

Dr. Matthew Sleeth tackles difficult questions about the rising tide of suicide and other mental health problems in America, and suggests ways Christians can improve our responses to those who are struggling.

Hope Always: How to Be a Force for Life in a Culture of Suicide

As a physician and minister, Dr. Sleeth shares his personal and professional experiences with depression and suicide, challenging Christians to become part of the solution. With sound medical principles finding their rightful place beside timeless biblical wisdom, Hope Always offers the practical and spiritual tools that individuals, families, and churches need to help loved ones who are stressed and struggling.

24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life

It's not easy finding peace in our digitally crazed world. How can we free ourselves from busyness and reconnect with our Creator? Offering his prescription for living a healthier, more God-centered life, Dr. Sleeth shares how his family was dramatically changed by adopting Sabbath practices---and shows how you can be transformed by a 24/6 lifestyle!