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Sam Allberry

Associate Pastor, Immanuel Nashville

Sam Allberry is Associate Pastor at Immanuel Nashville Church and a Fellow at the Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics. He is a canon theologian for the Anglican Church in North America and is the co-host of The Gospel Coalition’s podcast You’re Not Crazy: Gospel Sanity for Young Pastors. He is the author of several books, including Is God Anti-Gay?, 7 Myths About Singleness, Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?, and What God Has to Say About Our Bodies. Sam studied theology at Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford.

Sam Allberry's Recommended Resources

7 Myths about Singleness

While singleness is often widely misunderstood by many in the church today and often viewed in negative terms, the Bible speaks about it very differently. This book sets forth a positive vision of singleness by responding to 7 common misconceptions, such as the notion that singleness is too hard, requires a special spiritual gift, is a hindrance to ministry, or is a waste of sexuality. Addressed to the church as a whole and written by a single pastor, 7 Myths about Singleness will help readers better understand, support, and empower the singles around them to contribute to the flourishing of the church as a whole.

What God Has to Say about Our Bodies: How the Gospel Is Good News for Our Physical Selves

Is the human body simply a vehicle for our free self-expression---or are we underemphasizing its significance? Offering balanced and accessible theological answers, Allberry explores the practical significance of God's original intentions for the body, the physical impacts of sin, and how the Lord will someday redeem our physical selves. Foreword by Paul David Tripp. 208 pages, softcover from Crossway.

Is God Anti-Gay?: And Other Questions About Jesus, the Bible, and Same-Sex Sexuality

Is it ok to be gay and Christian? Does the Bible really say that homosexuality is wrong? Is sexual orientation fundamental to identity?

Author and speaker Sam Allberry has expanded and restructured his best-selling book, which draws on his own experience as a believer who experiences same-sex attraction. As well as exploring Bible passages that talk directly about homosexuality, this new edition frames the whole discussion with Jesus’ general teaching on sex and marriage, as well as what Jesus teaches about finding ultimate satisfaction and happiness. It also challenges the current culture narrative, which inextricably ties sexuality to personal identity, and he shows that the gospel is good news for everyone, whatever their sexual orientation.

This sensitive exploration of the Bible’s teaching on sexuality has been written to help both Christians and non-Christians struggling with the Bible's teaching on this issue, whether they experience same-sex attraction themselves or not.

Includes answers to questions such as…

• Does Jesus ever mention same-sex relationships?
• Aren’t people just born this way?
• What should I do if a Christian comes out to me?
• Surely, isn't a same-sex partnership ok if it’s committed and faithful?
• Is it sinful to experience same-sex attraction?
• Isn’t the Christian view of sexuality harmful?
• Aren’t we just picking and choosing which Old Testament laws apply?
• Can’t Christians just agree to differ on this?
• Should Christians attend gay weddings?

Why Bother with Church?: And Other Questions About Why You Need It and Why It Needs You

The church has an image problem.

It is widely viewed in the world at large as being outdated, boring, irrelevant and filled with backbiting hypocrites. How different that picture is to how the Bible talks about the new family that Jesus has gathered. It is a precious bride, a sparkling jewel, a lifeboat for forgiven sinners that is precious and holy; nurturing and warm; filled with truth, friendship and all embracing, forgiving love.

Sam Allberry understands the collision between these two views, and how, even as Christian believers, we can lose sight of how truly wonderful church is and should be, and what a privilege it is to be part of, and to serve.

In this brief accessible but thorough guide to church, Sam outlines what church is and why we need it. And how, when we have got it wrong, we can move closer to what a true church should be.

Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?

In this book, Sam outlines a biblical perspective on what sex is designed to be, to mean and to do for us. He shows that God himself is love and his blueprint for sex is designed to help us to flourish and live out our full humanity.