Identity Project

Lori Kuykendall, MPH

President, Beacon Health Education Resources

Lori Kuykendall is President of Beacon Health Education Resources. She works in schools and churches, and with parents and policymakers, to advance a Christian worldview of identity, sex, marriage, and family. She led the national team that wrote the K-12 Standards for Optimal Sexual Development. Lori earned a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Liberty University. She and her husband have four young adult children and live in Texas.

Lori Kuykendall's Recommended Resources

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Led by Lori Kuykendall, Beacon is an objective health education resource, providing reliable and accurate information and strategies through its various services which include consulting, training, advocacy.

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This guide offers K-12 standards for optimal sexual development that is medically accurate, age appropriate, and educationally sound.

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In this podcast episode, Lori discusses the differences between information and ideology, how education is a preventive measure, and the relevancy of teaching sex education in schools in a culture that barrages kids with unhealthy sexual ideas every day.

Reframing the “Purity” Narrative with Lori Kuykendall - Restored 2 More Podcast

In this podcast episode, Lori talks about reframing the purity narrative and understanding God’s intended purpose for sex and sexuality.